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When I answer the telephone, I am the woman who WILL make YOUR dreams come true.

My callers phone me so that we may indulge in common fantasies
I use the word common because most of the time, their (your) fantasies are also mine

... With very few exceptions

I am very good at what I do, mostly because I love taking dirty with strangers
But also because I am truly turned on by the orgasms I give my callers

I don't have an orgasm every time I have phone sex
If I did, with up to 20 phone sex calls a day, I would be a nervous wreck

But sexual pleasure is not only measured by orgasms
Giving orgasms to my callers is a pleasure for me and I want to do it for you

Nothing beats the sound of a man who comes
Except perhaps the sound of a woman

I tell stories that fascinate, cajole and indulge in conversations
that titillate the senses and complete the soul

Of course men and women can be addicted to porn
Watching movies of people having sex can be exciting but never quite fully satisfying

And nothing quite compares with Talking Dirty on the phone
except cheap phone sex of course

Live Sex Talk with me is a combination of knowing what to do and say
And the need to hear a woman's voice

Men call me on my sex chat line for an infinite number of reasons
The fantasies they have are not as crazy as they might think
Although human condition can create some perverted imagination
But mostly because they want sex with a real woman and not a picture of a woman

As the call progresses and I guide my callers through the maze of their sexual needs
I am not longer an inanimate woman but a lover who is making love to them

I become part of their life as they are about to share with me their most guarded intimacy

And when finally my callers come
I feel like any woman who has just pleased her lover
It's the ultimate compliment, a positive feedback

And like any fickle woman in search of a quick fix
I then prepare myself for the next call, your own orgasm..

And hopefully mine!

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